Make Learning Fun

Make Learning Fun This March Break

March Break is around the corner, leaving many parents scrambling to find activities to keep their kids occupied.

For kids, March Break offers a much-needed break from their everyday routine and gives them something to look forward to after the winter holidays. It is also a great time to spend with your kids and engage in fun learning activities. These activities can benefit kids by allowing them to learn in a new environment and, for some kids, this alternative approach could resonate better than classroom learning.

Here are some options for fun learning activities that you can do with your kids over March Break:

  1. Learning Adventures

Your kids spend most of the school day learning in a classroom. March Break is a great time to get them out and about on learning adventures. Visiting different educational centres and attractions, like the Science Centre in Toronto, gives kids an opportunity to experience an extremely hands on learning experience. At places like this there is a lot a lot of visual stimulation compared to a more abstract learning experience in a classroom.

  1. At Home Experiments

If you are looking for fun at-home learning activities that are hands-on, conducting at home experiments with everyday household items can be a lot of fun for the whole family – and a great hands’ on learning tool for your kids. If you are looking for some experiment inspiration, check out our ScienceSmart Experiments series available for grades 1-6 with more than 200 experiment ideas.

  1. Technology

iPads, computers, cell phones – all of these are great learning tools for kids that can keep them occupied for hours. These are a wide variety of learning apps and programs available for all platforms; a majority of which are user friendly, especially to kids. Research has shown that kid’s engagement in learning increases with the use of technology. While many classrooms are incorporating more technology in learning, there are still limitations to resources in some classrooms. So, why not use technology to help make learning fun over March Break? Local public libraries have access to free computers and other devices that kids can use.

All of these techniques help make learning practical, hands on, and relevant – but most of all, fun! Give these a try over March Break to keep your kids actively learning and entertained at the same time.

Another great way to keep kids occupied and learning in the March Break downtime is to use supplementary workbooks. Popular Book Company has over 150 different Canadian Curriculum based titles spanning subjects such as English, Math, French, and Science.