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Buy Math Smart Workbooks for Math Practice

These math workbooks are recommended for kids that can do extra practice to improve their math grades & perform better in School. Math is very important, especially for ages 3-5, Pre School, Kindergarten and Grade 1-8 so it’s vital to have a grasp on how to do these mathematical formulas quickly & expertly. These books are perfect for those looking for some sweet worksheets to do at home or during free time. Math Smart books are great resource for Math learning & practice.

Canadian Curriculum MathSmart provides curriculum-based units with systematic and progressive practice to ensure that children understand the concepts and master the necessary skills. Step-by-step explanations and Math tips are provided along the way.

Math worksheets and math homework give children a chance to practice all the things they learn in school. The more they practice, the better they get.

We also have Advanced Complete MathSmart which is the extension of our comprehensive Complete MathSmart. It is the ultimate workbook series that helps your child solve challenging word problems. Each book in this series is comprised of two sections: the basic problem-solving section and the critical-thinking section. Both sections provide several math problems for your child to solve while sharpening new skills.

The two-section approach allows children to work at their own pace and focus on problem solving or critical thinking as needed. This series is a great supplementary books to practicing Canadian math curriculum.

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