French Learning Books for Kids - FrenchSmart Books

French Learning Books for Kids

FrenchSmart & Bilingual ReadSmart Books

Our Canadian Curriculum FrenchSmart series helps to consolidate learning and is designed to be used as supplementary material catered to the curriculum being taught in school. The engaging activities cover the major areas in learning French: vocabulary building, grammar, reading, and usage. Illustrations in English are provided where needed to ensure that your child learns with confidence.

The FrenchSmart series is an activity-based workbook for children in Preschool, Kindergarten, & grades 1- 8. With content tailored to a manageable level of difficulty, our FrenchSmart workbooks help students in mastering the art of learning a new language while having a fun time throughout the process. Our FrenchSmart series is specifically designed to supplement the Canadian curriculum and aid in your child’s learning.

The series includes five levels corresponding to the different stages in your child’s development: Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School.

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