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Canadian Curriculum EnglishSmart adopts an all-round approach to developing English skills, with systematic practice in reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, usage, writing, and phonics (for Ages 3 – 5, Pre School, Kindergarten & Grades 1-6). Concise explanations with examples are provided before practice. Questions and answers are supported by illustrations to engage children. Every unit concludes with a fun, stimulating activity.

English Smart books are Canadian Curriculum Workbooks ! They are designed to provide comprehensive explanations and extensive practice in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and phonics. Children love the interesting questions and answers, engaging illustrations, and fun activities!

Teachers use English Smart books in their classrooms because they are easy-to-use, can be used with any method or program, and there is a version for every age range from Preschool, Kindergarten & grades 1 to 6. Our workbooks also provide clear explanations to support learning and a wide variety of practice examples ensure that students have mastered the concept.

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