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Curriculum-based ScienceSmart Experiments

Grade 1

Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Materials, Objects, and Everyday Structures

Energy in Our Lives

Daily and Seasonal Changes

Growing Beans

Fantastic Fasteners


Shifting Shadows

A Natural Duo

Water – Soak or Repel?

A Balloon Pinwheel

Make It Rain!

Drums in Our Ears

Plastic vs. Metal

Sun Protection

Water in the Air

Tasting with Our Nose

The Best One

Water Power

Day and Night

Sinking or Floating

Grade 2

Growth and Changes in Animals


Properties of Liquids and Solids

Air and Water in the Environment

Keeping Warm

Sliding Up

Mixing Them

A Rain Jar

Eyes on You

Up and Easy

Friend or Foe?

Salty Seawater

A Frog’s Life

Raise It Up!

Freezing Solids

Rising Air


The Force of Air

Bug Inspector

Grade 3

Growth and Changes in Plants

Strong and Stable Structures

Forces Causing Movement

Soils in the Environment

Growing Up

Standing  Tall

The Power of Friction

Waste to Soil

Sipping Water

The Mightiest Shape

A Flying Kite

Thirsty Soil

A Plant’s Favourite Colour

Building Bridges

Electric Balloons

Soil Discovery

Water and Rocks

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