What to Pack on the First Day of School (Kindergarten Packing List)

It’s halfway through the summer and the commercials for back to school have already started.  Meaning, the start of school is your mind.  It’s your little one’s first year of school and you want to make sure that they have everything they need to start off the year in kindergarten.

Packing List (with all items labeled with your child’s name):

  1. Spill-proof water bottle
    Pack your child with a water bottle that they can open, refill and easily drink from.  However, most importantly, it needs to be spill-proof.  The kids will have access to their water at all times and it can make quite the mess if water spills.
  2. Indoor and outdoor shoes
    Make sure to pack both indoor and outdoor shoes for school.  Students will start learning in September to switch from their outdoor shoes to indoor shoes to prepare for winter and the mess that comes with melting boots.  Ideally ,their shoes would be ones that have velcro so they can easily and quickly change in and out of them.
  3. A change of clothes
    Pack a change of clothes for your child in a large ziplock bag with their name on it.  Make sure to include shirt, pants, underwear, socks, etc.
  4. Lunch bag/container
    Having too much food in kindergarten is better than not enough. Include non-perishable snacks that can be reused if they don’t eat everything,  Make sure to include at least two snacks (ideally a health snack for the morning snack).  In addition, they need to have containers that they can open.
  5. Large backpack
    Although they are little humans, they will have big lunch bags, clothes and items to come home.  Make sure to provide them with a backpack that can fit everything they need.
  6. Don’t worry about the school supplies as most schools provide everything that they need.
    You will find out exactly what they need on the first day of school.  Sometimes, teachers ask for donations for the whole class, but most of the time, they have everything they will need for them for the year.