(For Parents) How to help Kids with Homework & be Supportive in their Educational Journey

It can be a nightmare – you’ve had a long day at work and the last thing on your mind is helping your kid with their homework! But getting involved in what they’re doing at school is crucial to help them learn, achieve and do well. It’s often hard for kids to know where to start when tackling new topics so working with them as they learn can really pay off. Another great reason to get involved with homework is that it’ll help you stay connected and build a good rapport with your child’s teacher.

Homework for children is an essential part of their educational journey, whether they are beginning school or attending elementary school.  Homework does not need to be a negative experience, and supporting your child in their homework time will help them grow into independent learners.

Before starting with homework it is important to build a good relationship with your child’s teacher/school, this way you will be able to work together as a team and you will know what the school expects from your child. It’s important that parents are able to help kids with homework so that they can be successful at school and excel academically. If you want the best results from your child when it comes to their education then follow these 11 tips.

1. Set a routine for doing Homework

Make sure your child knows what time is best for them to complete their homework, they will soon begin to associate the activity with this time and it will make completing their tasks easier.

2. Provide a quiet area in which your children can do their homework without distractions 

Children need peace and quiet when they are studying so that they are able to concentrate on the task at hand. This doesn’t mean they have to sit in silence but setting up an area in which only study related noises are heard will benefit them greatly by preventing any unnecessary distractions from occurring, such as TV or Playstation etc…

3. Do not ask questions while your child is trying to focus on homework 

When kids are trying to focus on their homework they need to be able to complete their tasks uninterrupted. If you come over and ask them a question while they are working, it will distract them from the task at hand which could result in losing their spot or taking longer than necessary.

4. Allow your child access to snacks while doing homework

Not being allowed food while completing homework can have negative consequences for children as hunger can cause their concentration levels to drop, resulting in a lack of motivation and potentially leading them to give up on the task altogether.

5. Set a good example for kids by being productive yourself

Showing children how hard you work towards goals is an important life lesson that not only helps children with school but also later down the line when they are looking for a job. Always being on the go without the time or energy to accomplish tasks can have a negative impact on children as it shows them that they don’t need to work hard in order to get what they want.

6. Tell your child how proud you are of their efforts

Parents should always praise their children for putting effort into completing all tasks whether these are homework, chores or simply getting good grades at school. Children thrive when they feel appreciated and this will help motivate them to continue working hard towards achieving their goals.

7. Don’t compare your child’s efforts with those of other students

Allowing children to compete with each other is not healthy as it encourages children to focus on others rather than themselves which leads them to feel discouraged if they are not able to perform as well as their competitors.

8. Don’t stress about the outcome of homework

It’s important for parents to remain calm and relaxed whilst watching a child complete a task, this will encourage them to enjoy the process rather than worrying that it needs to be completed in a certain time frame or with a certain outcome in mind.

9. Allow your child some free time once they have finished their homework

Children should always find the time after completing tasks such as homework to relax and socialise with friends, this is because having downtime from school work helps children focus when they return back to doing assignments again later on in the day.

10. Make sure you help your kids out if necessary

If a child needs assistance with their homework then it’s important that you provide that support for them, they will be more likely to ask for help if they know that you are always available.

BONUS TIP #11.  

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Following these tips and trying some of them out for yourself will benefit your child greatly by helping them not only complete their homework successfully but also by building essential parenting skills such as praise, patience and problem solving.   Experimenting with different methods will help determine the best way for you and your child to complete homework together so hopefully these useful steps will be enough to get you started.