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Curriculum-based ScienceSmart Experiments

Grade 4

Habitats and Communities

Pulleys and Gears

Light and Sound

Rocks and Minerals

A Bird’s Home

Powerful Pulleys

Grey Tomatoes


Amazing Builders

Teeth on Gears

Light Reflection

Chocolate Rocks

Camouflaged Pipe Cleaners

Geared Up

Bending Light

Growing Minerals

Twist and Turn!

A CD Spectrometer

Salt Damage

Hearing Sounds

Fossilized Rocks

Reflectors and Absorbers

Grade 5

Human Organ Systems

Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms

Properties of and Changes in Matter

Conservation of Energy and Resources

Deep Breathing

Force vs. Distance

Changing States

Transforming Energy

Eye Spy

Egg Protectors

Physical Changes

Storing Energy

Beating Hearts

Earthquake-proof Buildings

A Rusty Dilemma

Air – a Heat Insulator

Catch It!

Grade 6



Electricity and Electrical Devices


Fighting for Space

An  Air Cannon

Tiny Lightning

Day and Night

Important Insects

Curving Air

Insulators and Conductors

Phases of the Moon

An Electric Generator

A Continuous Tug-of-war

A Graphite Circuit

Feeling Weightless

Series vs. Parallel

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Photo Credits


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