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Popular Book Company Announces New Canadian Distribution Partnership with Publishers Group Canada

November 13, 2015

Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd. is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership in Canada with Publishers Group Canada (PGC Books) effective November 13th, 2015.

PGC Books is a division of the award-winning, Canadian-owned wholesale and distribution company Raincoast Books. PGC Books offers full-service Canadian distribution to over 150 independent and specialty publishing houses worldwide (www.pgcbooks.ca).

David Arblaster, Business Development Manager at Popular Book Company said:

“We are very pleased to partner with one of the best book distributors in Canada. PGC Books will allow Popular Book Company to attain a more prominent leadership position in the elementary workbook market and grow our share in all the book channels. Our partnership will ensure we continue to provide our valued customers across Canada with the highest level of customer service and children with the highest quality workbooks that help them achieve academic success.”

About Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd.:

With over twenty years’ experience, Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd. is the leading publisher of quality workbooks and other learning materials for preschool and elementary school children. All our curriculum-based products help children grasp the current Canadian curricula in the core subject areas of Math, English, French, and Science.

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