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MathSmart Guide Grade 7
MathSmart Guide is an innovative curriculum-based workbook series in which children work together with their parents as they complete activities in all five strands of Math. Each set includes two books: one for students and one for parents. Children are provided with ample practice along with hints and examples, while parents are provided with teaching strategies and solutions to challenging problems in the student’s book to help guide their children along. By working together with their parents, children will excel in math while having a fun and interactive learning experience.

MathSmart Guide combines practice and teaching strategies, which makes it an invaluable tool for parents and children to work hand in hand to build the children’s math skills.

Watch the video demonstration on how to use MathSmart Guide to facilitate math learning at home.

Perfect Bound
8¼” X 11¼”
168 / 72 Pages

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MathSmart Guide Grade 7
MathSmart Guide Grade 7 – For Students
ISBN: 9781771491747
MathSmart Guide Grade 7
MathSmart Guide Grade 7 – For Parents
ISBN: 9781771491761

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