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Provincial Testing Practice (Ontario)

A must-have helping tool for Ontario teachers

The Provincial Testing Practice collection is a perfect tool to prepare students for provincial tests so that not only do they know what is expected of them but they will also be able to write the tests with confidence.

Provincial Testing Practice need not be used solely for preparing students for the tests; the reproducible units can be integrated into the course of learning as individual exercises to complement the curriculum throughout the school year as well.

978-1-77149-116-7  Provincial Testing Practice (Ontario) – English (Grade 3)

978-1-77149-117-4  Provincial Testing Practice (Ontario) – Math (Grade 3)

978-1-77149-118-1  Provincial Testing Practice (Ontario) – English (Grade 6)

978-1-77149-119-8  Provincial Testing Practice (Ontario) – Math (Grade 6)

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