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Canadian publisher commits to improving First Nations curriculum
Popular Book Company Canada Ltd pledges to revise educational content on Indigenous peoples

RICHMOND HILL, ON -- October 6, 2017 (Beesum Communications): Popular Book Company Canada announced earlier this week the recall of Complete Canadian Curriculum 3 and the review of all educational materials relating to the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Popular Books Company Canada Director TC Wong wishes to provide an update on efforts to address concerns from First Peoples:


First, I would like to acknowledge that our institution is situated upon traditional territories, including but not limited to those of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples.

To members of the community who have shared their views, we thank you, and we have heard you. We are taking immediate action to start the process of correcting the damage done. Our work is only beginning but I would like to update you on our efforts to date.

We would like to reiterate our apologies to the Indigenous people and communities of Canada, with regards to the historically false content contained in some of our workbooks. We would also like to apologize for any delay in responding to concerns and are working hard to address all inquiries personally.

We would like to acknowledge that this was a failure of ethical and educational standards. It was more than an editorial error. It was a misrepresentation of the brutally violent experiences of Indigenous people in this country. The dissemination of such material in the Canadian educational environment works against the immensely difficult reconciliation efforts undertaken by Indigenous people and communities. We are responsible for the dissemination of the content, and take full responsibility to correct it.

Seeing the pain expressed on social media by members of the Indigenous community has deeply touched us. We hope concerned community members trust that the false text was not fueled by any malicious intent, and we pledge to include Indigenous educators and community members in all future decision-making processes relating to their history. Your words will serve as guidance as we take significant, permanent actions to repair the harm that has been done.

We have enlisted the services of an Indigenous consulting and communications firm to help connect us with Indigenous educators, cultural leaders, and media creators to ensure that all Popular Book Company Canada content is created from a fair, accurate and, most importantly, Indigenous perspective. Members of the media are welcome to inquire further about these efforts, as we wish to demonstrate a sincere commitment to healing.

We are recalling all workbooks with incorrect content from retailers, and are republishing editions that have been researched, written and reviewed by Indigenous educators, historians and communicators.

How to teach parts of Canada’s violent history to children – in this case, children about eight years of age – remains a challenge, and one that sometimes does not form consensus among educators. Since 1994, our mission has been to educate kids in a way that creates genuine understanding and tolerance of all people. We are humbled by response to these missteps, and are ashamed of the pain and harm they have caused.

We again reiterate our apologies to all First Peoples for playing a role in perpetuating ideas that harm the integrity and harmony of all nations co-existing here. We want to continue with an open-ended dialogue to foster a positive and informed environment for the creation of educational texts dealing with Indigenous issues. We encourage community members to reach out to us directly with concerns, suggestions or simply experiences that you would like to share. Send us an email with your suggestions on how to move forward together: ca-info@popularworld.com

With gratitude,

Ms. TC Wong
Director, Popular Book Company Canada Ltd

For further information:

Melissa Juliette Mulligan
Beesum Communications

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