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Advance in Math and Build Problem-solving Skills with
Advanced Complete MathSmart

May 19, 2017

Popular Complete Smart Series: Advanced Complete MathSmart Grades 1 ‒ 8 is the extension of our bestselling math workbook series Complete MathSmart. Each book in this series is comprised of two sections: the basic problem-solving section and the critical-thinking section.

Highlights of Advanced Complete MathSmart:

• a Canadian curriculum-based, 208/224-page math workbook with extra   emphasis on word problems and critical-thinking training

• specially designed multi-step problems to strengthen analytical skills

• real-life math situations essential in solving problems in daily life

• a handy answer key with thorough step-by-step solutions

Developed by Canadian teachers for Canadian students, Advanced Complete MathSmart is recommended for elementary school students to reinforce essential skills in analyzing complex word problems, determining appropriate methods required when approaching word problems, and presenting solutions in a logical way.

Advanced Complete MathSmart is now available in store at Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Mastermind Educational, Scholar’s Choice, and online at Amazon.ca and Indigo.ca.

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